Designed for curvy, soft bodies. Made knowing no two bodies are the same.

Swimwear created to fill the design gap between swimsuits built for smaller bodies, and swimsuits that hide bigger bodies.

Close up of the rust two piece swimsuit while sitting



Our experience with swimwear has been full of ups and downs. Our main takeaway: mainstream swimwear is designed to showcase small bodies, whilst 'plus-size' oriented companies often use fabric to conceal bigger bodies. We want to be a company working to fill this gap.

Models representing sizes XL and XXL in the beige two piece, black one piece, and rust two piece swimsuits



Create timeless swimwear is designed specifically for bigger bodies and will be worn by all bodies, big or small.

Close up of the rust two piece bikini from the side while sitting



To change someones perspective on their body image not only in a swimsuit, but everyday.

Models wearing (from left to right) the burgundy two piece, black two piece, white one piece, beige two piece, rust one piece, and black one piece swimsuits



Committed to sharing raw images, free of any retouching, and celebrating uniqueness.