Founder sitting in a chair in the rust two piece bikini

Our Story

The idea to create CATCH 23 swim was born in the summer of 2022. Morgan, CATCH 23 swim’s founder, had grown up in a size 14 body that felt wrong. Wanting to wear what the other girls were wearing, she struggled when she couldn’t find clothes that fit her shape. The clothes that did fit made her feel that her body needed to be hidden behind more fabric to be accepted. Swimwear was at the pinnacle of her struggle, and she would find herself buying swimwear not because of the product, but because she wanted to look like the model who wore it. This left her uncomfortable when she wore the swimsuit and didn’t look the way the model did. Reinforcing the feeling that her body was wrong and her energy needed to be focused on how her body needed to be "better".

When the summer of 2022 rolled around, Morgan had put in the work to have a more positive relationship with her body without trying to conform to expectations surrounding physical change to achieve body acceptance. As she became more confident in her body and started speaking to her experience, she found that so many people, even those who we anticipate are content with their body, fight a silent battle with their body image. Since they were young, the swimwear industry created insecurities that they couldn’t overcome. That summer, one quote had resonated deeply with Morgan, and sparked the beginning of CATCH 23 swim: “Be the person that the younger version of you needed.” 

Three models representing sizes XL and XXL.

Fast forward to today, CATCH 23 swim exists with two main goals. The first being to design swimwear specifically for mid size bodies that want to feel confident in their body exactly the way it is, and can show the same amount of skin as the smaller bodies seen wearing the swimwear they grew up with. The second being the most important- to be a company that understands no two bodies are the same. This encompasses more than just size, but the ‘imperfections’ we are taught to hide from a young age: acne, scars, stretch marks, moles, discolouration... the list goes on. Swimwear is more than just the fabric that we put on our bodies, but how we experience it. CATCH 23 swim is passionate that they are a company that will not only put out high quality swimwear with intention to be a timeless closet staple, but will normalize differences through open discussion and representation of said difference. 

CATCH 23 swim is looking forward to growing, expanding size offerings and styles, and being a swimwear company committed projecting body positivity and self-love.